DevOps Engineer

สนใจสมัครงาน กรุณาส่ง E-mail ระบุตำแหน่งงานที่สนใจ และแนบประวัติ (Resume) ส่งถึง


  • Building and setting up new development tools and infrastructure

  • Understanding the needs of stakeholders and conveying this to developers

  • Working on ways to automate and improve development and release processes

  • Identifying technical problems and developing software & operating system updates and ‘fixes’

  • Working with software developers and software engineers to ensure that development follows established processes and works as intended

  • Ensure the quality of works and capacity developed by team members.


  • Bachelor’s  or higher in Engineering, Computer Science, or related IT areas
  • At least 3 years of working experience in a DevOps Engineer or related fields
  • Understanding Microservices Architecture and how to manage a number of services using DevOps practices
  • Experience with Docker and Kubernetes will be advantage
  • Experience with automation tools. (e.g. ansible, terraform, Jenkins)
  • Experience with monitoring tools (e.g. Prometheus, Grafana, Kibana, Zabbix)
  • Experience with Redhat Linux Server will be advantage.
  • Knowledge of various scripts. (e.g. shell script, perl script, etc.)
  • Knowledge of distributed data systems (e.g. Elasticsearch, logstash, Kafka)
  • Knowledge of SQL and Non-SQL tools and languages (e.g. MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis)